NBA Houston Rockets Royce White's Twitter Feed Sparks News Coverage

Former ISU Cyclone Royce White's twitter comments on the NBA Houston Rockets has sparked media coverage over a mental health treatment dispute he has with the team. One blogger says it should be a private matter.

Former ISU Cyclone Royce White took to twitter when he wasn't happy with media coverage over his absence from the Houston Rockets, sparking more coverage over what some believe should be a private matter.

And a Houston Rockets TV analyst said White's comments on his fallout with the NBA basketball team don't match up with the reality he sees.

White has shown through .

The team has reportedly threatened to fine White if he misses any future practices or therapy appointments with the doctor the team has selected for White, according to ESPN.

White suggests through his Twitter feed that he would rather see his own doctor than the therapist the team has ordered him to see.

A CBS sports blogger Ken Berger wrote that White should have kept this information private though he can understand why White wouldn't want his employer to control his mental health treatment.

White is engaged in a two-day Twitter rampage in which he has spent some of the time raising awareness about mental illness and as much or more time bashing the Rockets.

He is publicly calling the Rockets liars for saying he has been absent without leave, saying he has a medical excuse. He has repeatedly said he is not getting "consistency" or "support" from the Rockets, without being specific. He has referred to "misleading media" provided by his "employer,”

"They have their media, this is mine," he tweeted.

White was drafted to the NBA's Houston Rockets in June but has yet to play in a game and could be sent to the D-League according to the CBS Sports blog. 

Houston Rockets TV Analyst Matt Bullard said White's twitter feed isn't completely accurate, according to the Des Moines Register,

“I’ve been following him on Twitter just like everyone else,” Bullard said. “The comments he’s been making on Twitter, to me, show he that does have a mental illness, because a lot of the things he’s saying don’t really match up with the reality, as I see it, as I’m around the Rockets every day.”

White responded to Bullard's analysis also via twitter: 

"@bull50 Matt, How dare you say my comments are a representation of my #MentalIlness… if you don’t know don’t say," White tweeted.



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