Ref Hurt in Ames When Cyclone Fans Stormed Court After Kansas Upset

A Big 12 referee was injured as Cyclone fans stormed the floor of the Hilton Coliseum to celebrate a win against Kansas University.

A Big 12 referee was injured after Cyclone fans stormed the court after an upset win against Kansas Jayhawks on Saturday.

Darron George cut his hand and chipped a bone in his knuckle after getting run into by Cyclone fans. Kansas coach Bill Self and some members of the team reportedly helped George after they saw him kneeling in a hallway bleeding, according to an article on LJWorld.com.

Self said:

“That was a dangerous deal,” Self said. “Whenever an official goes down like he went down ... we go back there and he’s laying on the floor and in so much pain he can’t communicate with you and you don’t know what is going on... if it can happen to officials who are escorted off the floor, it can happen to anybody.

George declined comment to the Journal World, but ISU officials reportedly said George hurt his wrist and did not seek treatment, according to KU Sports.Com


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