Former Iowa State Basketball Coach Taunted For Past

Fans of opposing teams call Colorado State Coach Larry Eustachy an alcoholic and worse.

Former Iowa State University Men's Basketball Coach Larry Eustachy is tired of talking about being sober, but fans from opposing teams won't let him forget why he lost his coaching job at Iowa State University, according to an article in Sports Illustrated.

Students at a recent game in Laramie, Wyo., started chanting “Alcoholic” at Eustachy, who now coaches Colorado State, the blog said.

The author of the blog defended Eustachy saying that he remembered teasing coaches and players of other teams in his college days:

“But to blatantly target a guy who has spent over a decade piecing his life back together, has put in his dues many times over to get a second chance, who has repaired relationships with his own family along the way, just because he happens to be coaching your opponent that night? Not cool. Basketball’s not that important, folks.”

Eustachy was fired from ISU after he was photographed drinking with students in 2003 and he admitted to being an alcoholic and sought treatment.

The Detroit News said sometimes all it takes is one bad fan to “sully a school's reputation.”

Hopefully that doesn't happen at Iowa State where racist threatening tweets were attributed to Iowa State University students after an overtime loss to Kansas. The University and members of the student body were quick to apologize and an investigation was launched.

Wednesday Iowa State University officials said that they had no plans to change protocol at live events, according to an article in the Ames Tribune.

Cyclone Basketball fans seemed to better behaved during Wednesday's win against Oklahoma State. And when Cyclone Georges Niang received a foul for tripping and falling on Cowboy Marcus Smart after a return from the basket, Smart hugged Niang before walking away.

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