Royce White on Real Sports: Will Fight to Play for NBA

White, who played for ISU Men's Basketball in 2011-12, appeared on a recent segment of HBO's Real Sports with Bernard Goldberg. White was recently suspended from the Houston Rockets.

Royce White might have been suspended by the NBA's Houston Rockets, but he doesn't plan on giving up pro basketball easily.

White told HBO's Real Sports in an exclusive interview that he was willing to accept that he might not have a job in the NBA but that he “wouldn't accept it without a fight.”

If the Houston Rockets would agree to a mental health protocol, White told Bernard Goldberg that he would play every game, according to the USA Today.

White, who played for Iowa State University Men's Basketball team last year was drafted to the Houston Rockets in June. He was the 16th overall draft pick and was offered a first-year salary of $3.36 million, according to the USA Today article.

White and the team management have been at odds over how to treat his anxiety disorder, which White has been vocal about through his Twitter account.

White told Goldberg that he wants to have a neutral doctor who would have the authority to decide whether he should play, according to the interview.

Real Sports also obtained a copy of a letter that Houston Rocket's general manager, Daryl Morey, sent to Royce White Nov. 20. Morey wrote that the team had bent over backward to help White and that White hadn't been completely honest about his fear of flying before the draft, according to a report on SI.com.

Watch a segment of the interview on Real Sports.


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