Vilsack, CREDO React to Iowa Rep. Steve King Saying Unemployed Don't Work Enough

Vilsack said King is demonizing people who are looking for work instead of working on their behalf.

While President Barack Obama was in Iowa asking the wealthy to pay their fair share, Congressman Steve King. R-Kiron, was in Washington D.C. saying the unemployed should work their fair share.

King, who faces Christie Vilsack, an Ames Democrat for Iowa's new 4th District, said too many Americans weren't contributing to the gross domestic product on CNN after being asked if Americans making more than $250,000 a year should pay more taxes.

He said too many Americans are not “contributing to the gross domestic product in the United States today”

According to part of the transcript King also said “But if they are not going to work and there are a number approaching 100 million Americans of working age not in the workforce, and that includes the 13 million that are unemployed, some can't do anything about it. Some aren't willing to do anything about that - when you add that up, roughly a third of Americans of working age are not contributing to the gross domestic product of the United States.”

Vilsack said the comment shows that King is out of touch.

“Congressman King’s comments today show how out-of-touch he has become with the needs of this district. Instead of demonizing those looking for work, he should be working on their behalf to create economic opportunity in these small towns and cities. Unfortunately, during his ten years in Congress he has been more focused on his own interests and his own divisive agenda. That explains why his votes have added to our deficit, failed to balance the budget, and why he has refused to focus on creating jobs in his district.

CREDO Super PAC that has opened a Take Down King in Ames also released a statement on the comments.

CREDO SuperPAC's District Director, Alec Johnson said:

"King’s comments are insulting to the 85,000 Iowans who are currently unemployed,” said Alec Johnson, CREDO SuperPAC’s District Director in Iowa. “All across King's district, unemployed Iowans are looking for work, trying to feed their families, and coming up empty-handed. King's comments not only show that he's out-of-touch with everyday Iowans--he actively disdains them. King has a responsibility to serve all of his constituents, not just his wealthy donors, Wall Street buddies and the Tea Party extremists."

Michael Hunt July 11, 2012 at 03:42 PM
“How does someone go from attacking middle class tax cuts to admonishing the unemployed? The fact that Steve King would give a punch to the gut to the unemployed population is an insult to all Iowans,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Sue Dvorsky. “In Iowa, we value hard work. But for Steve King to insinuate Iowans who are unemployed are lazy is untrue, and frankly, insulting. Instead of spending his time denigrating his constituents on TV, he should start listening to them, and supporting job creation legislation that would relieve some of the stress on our working families and the unemployed.”
LaTanya M Murphy July 11, 2012 at 04:46 PM
At the end of the day, these REPUBLICANS are not out of touch, they just don't give a ....PERIOD!
Dan Johnson July 15, 2012 at 11:40 PM
Steve King is so amusing. It seems as if everytime he opens his mouth he says something more absurd than the last. I'm gonna' miss that guy.


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