Is Ames a Smart Choice ?

Ames City Council members might decide tonight whether to call Ames a Smart Choice.

A new city tag line, Smart Choice, and a proposed new city logo are back on the Ames City Council agenda this evening.

, the Ames City Council voted to see if the tag line Smart Move could work but a city in Georgia that has trademarked Smart Move immediately objected, agenda documents said. Another suggestion, Heartland's Leading Edge, was also contested, so now the council will be asked to approve a third alternative: Smart Choice.

The Ames City Council had voted unanimously in November to move forward with the tagline "Smart Move" and use "Heartland's Leading Edge" if the first choice cannot be trademarked. "Smart Choice" was the third alternative.

Council member Matthew Goodman said at the time that he still really liked “America's Smartland,” another possibility discussed at a previous meeting.

It was thrown out after realizing that the word Smartland was in a NOFX song called “Leaving Jesusland.”

Part of the song goes, “We call the Heartland not very Smartland.”

City Council members will also be asked to consider three new logo possibilities. All logos incorporate the letter "A." See them in the photos at the right.

The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. in , 515 Clark Ave.

See more of Ames Patch's logo coverage below.



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