Sen. Chuck Grassley Calls out History Channel for What It's Lacking

When the Iowa Senator turns to the History Channel, he expects to see some history!


Even though they politic daily in Washington, our senators and representatives are also supposed to be a voice for the people, representing our daily needs and concerns.

Venerable Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is turning that voice against the History Channel, criticizing it in a series of Tweets for its non-history programming.

Grassley complained about the lack of history on the channel in this Tweet on Feb. 19.

"Just turned to history channel. No history. I used to get history. Why do we h v such a channel when it doesnt do history"

Grassley had another Tweet about it on March 10:

"Turned to history channel. No. History again."

Grassley explained his critiques to the Washington Examiner in an e-mail.

“I love history,” Grassley wrote. “A better understanding is going to strengthen our country. It’s going to strengthen patriotism.” Plus this non-history programming represents an unfulfilled promise by the network. “When I signed up for the History Channel on my satellite service, I expected to get history,” he said. “Instead, all I see are people chopping wood or driving trucks on an icy road.” (I linked to the shows he is referring to)

I can get on board with this with you, sir. Get Larry the Cable Guy onto a different channel. And while you're at it, get MTV to actually play music videos.

Grassley is an avid Twitter user with thousands of followers. His Twitter account made news earlier this year, when his by an opponent of SOPA and PIPA legislation.


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