Candidate Profiles: Jons Want to Help with Ames' Tough Decisions

Three people in the Ames City Council's 4th Ward have opted to run for the open seat in the Nov. 8 election. Riad Mahayni, who currently holds the seat decided not to run. Frank Jeffrey, Chuck Jons and Victoria Szopinski are vying for the seat.

Council Candidate 4th Ward

Name: Chuck Jons

Age: 71

Occupation: Retired physician of McFarland Clinic and the U.S. Air force.

Family: Wife Carolyn. Three grown children and five grandchildren.

Education: 1965 graduate of the University of Iowa Medical School. I received my MD from the University of Washington in 1970. It included an internship in the Parkland Hospital in Dallas. I then served in the U.S. Air force for two years triaging patients at the Clark Air Base in the Philippines during Vietnam.

Why are you running for office: "It's that time in life where you do things that excite your soul rather than sit back in a rocking chair. I'm on a lot of boards and I know many people." Jons said he knows what Ames has to offer and wants to mediate in controversial decisions. “I'm very optimistic about the direction the city is moving.”

What sets you apart from the other candidates: Jons has been on many boards including Youth and Shelter Services, the United Way, and Ames' Planning and Zoning Board. “I have a lot of experience where the other two have next to nothing.” Victoria Szopinski has experience in her previous jobs and within the school system. Frank Jeffrey is a great businessman and entrepreneur, “but when it comes to serving the city, that is what sets me apart.”

An issue: “I don't have any issue.” Jons said he would like to see development of a mall that was previously proposed on 13th Street near Interstate 35. “I'd like to see that happen if it's financially feasible. I would only be one vote and I'm only a small cog in a big machine.”

What else should people know: “This is my first venture into the weird world of politics. I know I'm supposed to toot my own horn but my parents also taught me to be humble so I don't think there is anything I can add.” His wife, Carolyn, served on the school board for 15 years.

Check Ames Patch for a profile on Victoria Szopinski tomorrow.



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