Smash Ups, Stumbling Men and Hit and Run in Ames Crime News This Week

The police news you might have missed.


Ames crime news this week included a , a man who drew unwanted attention when he threw a outside the back of a bar and a search for a -like car that allegedly collided with a skate boarder.

First an caused quite a stir when she allegedly used her car as a weapon raming it into another vehicle and chasing it down Interstate 35. She reportedly became upset when she saw her ex boyfriend being driven around by another woman on Sunday.

Then Sunday evening Ames Police to investigate a hit and run in which a skate boarder and a driver collided in Campustown. The driver kept going and police are looking for a Honda Accord like car with damage to its passenger side. were released on Wednesday.

And earlier in the weekend, an Ames man attracted the attention of a police officer patrolling Main Street when a plastic cup out the back of a bar and came out stumbling after on Saturday.

The Ames Tribune also reported this week that “cause of death” what's normally been thought of as public information is being withheld in the Huxley twin babies' murder case. Story County Attorney Stephen Holmes reportedly said recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings wouldn't allow him to release the information.

An arrest has been made and according to a , the mother, Jackie Burkle, allegedly admitting to taking actions that caused her babies' deaths. A search warrant reported on in the Ames Tribune said that Burkle also said the babies weren't moving or crying when they were born.

What do you think Ames, do we have the right to know?  


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