Iowa City Police: Ames Man Bit, Threatened Officer Upon Arrest

The 19-year-old was arrested and charged for theatening an Iowa City Police Officer and Johnson County Jail Staff.

An Ames man who decided to not go quietly upon his public intox arrest has been charged with multiple misdemeanor offenses after he allegedly bit an officer and threatened police and jail staff.

According to an Iowa City Police Police criminal complaint, Jacob Lynn Waugh, 19, of Ames was arrested for public intox Sunday morning at Brother's Bar. After being read his Miranda rights, Waugh was escorted to a patrol vehicle, where before entering he allegedly threw his body to the ground and refused to move.

Police say the officers then tried to push Waugh into the squad car, when Waugh then began to say profanities at them and resisted further, biting one officer on the hand. Waugh then threatened both officers, and also threatened to kill the arresting officer and his family. Waugh allegedly made the same threats to Johnson County Jail staff upon his arrival there.

Online jail records show Waugh being booked into the Johnson County Jail at 1:50 a.m. on charges of interference with official acts with bodily injury, an aggravated misdemeanor; possession of a fabricated license, a serious misdemeanor; assault causing bodily injury to a police officer, an aggravated misdemeanor; and public intox, a simple misdemeanor.


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