Ames Missing Persons

Iowa officials have listed three people as missing in Ames Patch. One of them is believed to have disappeared involuntarily.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety keeps a database of missing persons throughout Iowa, children and adults alike, going back to 1973. The web site is updated four times each day.

Reported missing from Story County as of March 5 (age listed is current):

Cody Dakin, age 17. Reported missing to the Ames Police Department (515-239-5133), in Ames on Oct. 2, 2012. He was last seen wearing a blue Hornet hat, a blue shirt, black basketball shorts and black/yellow or gold tennis shoes.

Tylar Stephens, age 17. Reported missing to the Ames Police Department (515-239-5133), in Ames on August 31, 2012. He was last seen wearing a black sweatshirt and black sweatpants with red stripes.

Ronald Westwick, age 67. Reported missing to the Ames Police Department (515-239-5133), in Ames on March 12, 1979.

In 1979 this 34-year-old Ellsworth man, who lived with his parents, drove to Ames and visited some establishments.

What happened after that is anyone's guess.

Elmer and Ruth Westwick, now deceased, found Ron Westwick's car in the 500 block of Fifth Street with a number of parking tickets on his car, according to Ruth's former power of attorney Gina Spohnheimer and church pastor.

He was last seen on March 12, 1979.

Less than two months later, officers entered him into the nationwide law enforcement computer to try to locate him because the man hadn't used his checking account. He reportedly had a medical condition that required medication, according to an article that was published in the Ames Tribune that same year. Spohnheimer said she was told he had epilepsy.

Today the man is still listed as endangered missing.

Local and county officials said it's rare to ever have a missing persons case in which the person disappeared involuntarily. 

The Iowa Missing Person Hotline is available seven days a week to request assistance locating a missing person and report information on the sighting/location of a missing person.

The 24-hour, toll-free hotline is 800-346-5507.

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