Catch Up Fast: Last Week on Ames Patch

Were you too busy to keep up with the news last week? Take 10 minutes and catch up on the top stories in Ames last week.


Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr., Day so Ames Patch part of an MLK day community celebration and posted some photos of work happening that day.

Tuesday Ames Patch told you about how Ames Midle School students were about literary devices like onomatopoeia.

Wednesday Ames Patch you about Iowa State University faculty who petitioned against an independent study course called Application of Biblical Insight into the Management of Business/Organization that they felt violated the Constitution and failed to meet academic standards of the university.

Thursday a chair of accounting and finance he didn't plan to reinstate a religious themed management class.

Friday Ames Patch told you that local hunters and retailers selling lead shot have much reaction to ISU president's suggestion to phase out lead shot because they said that they know it's harmful. Using lead shot has become a point of contention in discussions about dove hunting. An Iowa Natural Resources Commission wanted to prohibit lead shot, which is already illegal in the hunting of water fowl, but that rule was suspended and legislators are debating whether or not to keep that rule in upcoming dove hunting seasons.

Also on Friday Ames Patch reported on an accidents that involved a and a .

Iowa Caucus news came throughout the week with the announcement of bungled certified and finally the Republican Party of Iowa Rick Santorum the winner. Oh and won the South Carolina Primary.


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